Oil Company «Mangazeya» JSC

Since 1995 the company has been developing gas condensate fields in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (Tyumen Region) – the key gas producing region in Russia. The company holds gas production licenses for Chernichny and Terelsky fields (Krasnoselkupsky and Purovsky areas of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District).

The gas condensate fields developed by Oil Company «Mangazeya» are located in close proximity to the main transportation hubs, trunk pipelines and fields which are developed by the largest national and foreign oil and gas companies.

The Company has obtained specifications for connection of Chernichnoye and Terelskoye fields’ pipelines to OJSC Gazprom’s gas transportation system, and Oil Company «Mangazeya» is currently developing required infrastructure.

Chernichnoe field

non-associated gas 18 bln. m3
gas condensate 3,1 mln. tons

Terelskoye field

non-associated gas 89 bln. m3
gas condensate 0,2 mln. tons

Development Program

After completion of infrastructure construction the Company’s maximum annual production will reach 3.7 bln. m3 of gas and over 133,000 tons of gas condensate by 2020.

  • The company intends to drill 8 new wells at Chernichnoye field and expects to reach peak production by 2021-2022.
  • Drilling of new wells at Terelskoye field is expected to commence in 2018 to reach peak production level by 2021.

Chernichnoe Field

553 mln. m3 by 2022

Terelskoye Field

3.2 bln. m3 by 2021


First Deputy CEO-Chief Engineer
Director, Capital Construction
Deputy CEO for Drilling
CEO Adviser
for Economics and Finance
Chief Geologist
  • Address:
  • 28 Polyarnaya St.,
  • 629380, Krasnoselkup, Russia
  • Tel.:
  • +7 (495) 647 - 5555, +7 (499) 277 - 1111
  • Tumen office:
  • Office 502, 22 Nemtcova St.,
  • 625000, Tumen, Russia
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