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Mangazeya Development LLC, incorporated in 2012, is a fast growing real estate development company with a mission to construct residential buildings and neighborhoods providing a comfortable living environment for its residents.

Cooperating with the leading architectural firms the company is able to construct modern buildings, ensure attention to details and high level of comfort.

Mangazeya Development LLC employs a comprehensive approach to its business. The Company’s projects include the construction of social and commercial infrastructure which allow the residents to acquire basic goods and services, enjoy sports and leisure.


Maryina Roshcha

Mangazeya Development has a residential complex construction project at: Moscow, 4th str. Maryinoy Roshchy, 3.

The Site Development Plan was filed to the Committee for Architecture and Urban Development of the City of Moscow for authorization. The Urban Planning and Land Commission led by the Mayor of Moscow Mr. Sobyanin, at its meeting of February 5th, 2015 approved the company’s Site Development Plan.

In accordance with the adopted resolution, the company started construction on the 0.411ha site of a 15-storey one-section monolithic building with the integrated non-residential facilities and underground parking. The total project area will exceed 13, 000 square meters.

The project design study provides for the development of the curtilage and surroundings: planting the greenery and laying down the lawns, development of kid’s play grounds, sports areas and walkways.

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The residential complex is constructed at: Ozernaya St., 35, buildings 1, 2 and 4, in accordance with the Land Plot Development Plan approved by the Moscow City Government in July 2015.

ЖК ПикассоЖК ПикассоЖК Пикассо

The project represents an up-to-date mixed-use residential complex with an underground parking and integrated/attached non-residential spaces, is located in immediate proximity to the Ochakovo Metro Station, currently under construction, and the transfer hub of the same name.

The living floor space of the building will be 24 thousand sq. m. The ground floors are going to house social amenities, and commercial, health care and public catering facilities of total area of 3,000 sq. m.

The residents will enjoy a comfortable yard with an up-to-date sports ground and an underground parking for 356 car lots.

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51 thousand m2
under construction

Completed projects

The residential complex Izmailovo Lane

The residential complex Izmailovo Lane at Borisovskaya St., 4 put into operation in July 2016.

ЖК Измайлово Lane   ЖК Измайлово Lane   ЖК Измайлово Lane   ЖК Измайлово Lane

Izmailovo Lane is a 14- and 15-storey two-section monolithic building. The ground floors of the building house infrastructure facilities thus providing the best possible living conditions for the residents. Izmailovo Lane project was designed by the renowned Asadov Architectural Studio allowed to construct a residential building harmonizing with the urban landscape and is easily adapted to the residents’ needs and requirements.

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