About us

Mangazeya Group – is a Russian fast growing, private company that relies upon its vast expertise in organization and management, competence and energy of its staff, balanced development programs, and use of high-tech solutions and modern equipment. The company has sustainable financial and economic growth potential for a mid- and long-term perspective.

Mangazeya Group aims to build and expand its presence in its traditional business areas and to develop new areas of activity, including foreign markets.

Our principles:

  • Open, honest, mutually beneficial and equal partner relations.
  • Prudent HR management, professional development of employees, social responsibility.


  • In 2001, Clearing Nafta, a company exporting oil and oil products was established by Sergey Yanchukov.
  • In 2007, he acquired the controlling interest in Mangazeya Oil Company holding a license for the development of gas and gas-condensate fields in Krasnoselkupsky District, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area.
  • In 2012-2013, Mangazeya Development and Mangazeya Zoloto, development and gold-mining business divisions of Mangazeya Group, respectively, were incorporated.
  • According to the 2015 results, the gold-mining business division of Mangazeya Group (Mangazeya Mining) was the best as for the rates of gold production growth in Zabaikalie Territory.

To our partners:

we welcome potential partners to join efforts in gold mining, gas recovery, geological exploration and real estate construction.

We are interested in:
  • project funding
  • new technologies and equipment
  • high class management experience


Izmailovo Lane

Mariyna Roshcha



Terelskoye field

Savkinskoe deposit

Nasedkino deposit

Zolinsko-Arkiinskoe deposit

  • Gold Mining

    • Savkinskoe deposit
    • Nasedkino deposit
    • Zolinsko-Arkiinskoe deposit
  • Gas Production

    • Terelskoye field
  • Construction

    • Izmailovo Lane
    • Mariyna Roshcha
    • Picasso
    • You and me

Key Priorities and Values

Our key priority is to develop into a financial and industrial group - robust, reliable, successfully operating in various sectors of economy and, under any conditions, respecting its commitments towards partners and customers.

When doing our business, we strive to be honest and conscientious, placing priorities on investor interests, in compliance with the law and with due regard to the interests of local communities.

We ensure dynamic development of our existing and newly acquired assets due to the engagement of best talents, upgrading of processes and facilities, thus providing quality products to our ultimate customers.

We participate in charity projects aimed at protection of environment and rendering support to children’s educational institutions, and social infrastructure and sports facilities.

  • Financial support to pre-schools and achools of general education
  • Support of the socially important programs of the Russian Orthodox Church
  • Construction of social infrastructure facilities within the Group's residential projects
  • Address:
  • Luzhniki St. 24, build. 20
  • 119270, Moscow, Russia
  • Tel.:
  • +7 (495) 647 - 5555, +7 (499) 277 - 1111
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