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Mangazeya Development LLC, incorporated in 2012, is a fast growing real estate development company with a mission to construct residential buildings and neighborhoods providing a comfortable living environment for its residents.

Cooperating with the leading architectural firms the company is able to construct modern buildings, ensure attention to details and high level of comfort.

Mangazeya Development LLC employs a comprehensive approach to its business. The Company’s projects include the construction of social and commercial infrastructure which allow the residents to acquire basic goods and services, enjoy sports and leisure.


Izmailovo Lane

Mariyna Roshcha



219 thousand m2
under construction

YOU AND I Residential Cluster

The YOU AND I residential cluster will be built in the Losinoostrovsky District of the North-East Administrative Okrug of the City of Moscow. Special attention will be given to sports infrastructure – multifunctional sports and fitness complex with a swimming pool and tennis courts is planned to be constructed.


The district residents will be able to improve their living standards, and the district itself will be really comfortable and homelike. The lower floors of the residential buildings are planned to house commercial facilities, while the supermarkets, restaurants, banks, beauty salons, pharmacies and other social purpose facilities will be located at a walking distance. The kindergarten for 150 kids will be constructed to provide a wide variety of educational services to short-period stay and traditional groups of children. Much attention is paid to the architectural appearance of the residential cluster: reinforced-frame buildings with a varying number of stories will have ventilated façades. Individual approach to each building façade decoration emphasizes the unique project style while keeping the integrity and modernity of the entire residential neighbourhood. The courtyard and the adjacent territories will be landscaped, modern children’s play grounds will be constructed, and trees and shrubs will be planted out. In addition to the guest parking lots, the project provides for the spacious parking area to be located under the entire site area, which will fully satisfy the residents’ demand.

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Completed projects

Picasso Residential Cluster

Picasso, a comfort-class residential cluster, is located at: Ozernaya St., 35

Picasso PicassoPicassoPicasso

Picasso – two 22-storey monolithic buildings with 393 apartments are located in the close vicinity of the Ozernaya Metro Station (Solntsevo Line). The lower floors are expected to house the facilities for the provision of social, commercial, public health and public catering services. The enclosed courtyard with sports fields and landscaping is completely safe and free from cars. The two-level underground parking area with 356 parking lots will satisfy the residents’ demand.
Placed in service in November 2018.

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Maryina Roshcha Residential Cluster

Maryina Roshcha, a business-class residential building, is located at: Moscow, 4th Maryinoy Roshchy St., 3. The ventilated façades of the monolithic building are cladded with light and dark clinker bricks. The building has 88 raw-space apartments and the underground parking area with 96 parking lots. The courtyard territory has been landscaped and fenced, children’s play grounds has been constructed, and trees and shrubs have been planted out. The ground floor houses infrastructure facilities.


Placed in service in August 2017.

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Izmailovo Lane Residential Cluster

Izmailovo Lane, a business-class residential cluster, is located at: Moscow, Borisovskaya St., 4. The building has two 14- and 15- storey sections. The lower floors of the building house infrastructure facilities. There is an automated two-level parking system on the basement floor.

Izmailovo Lane   Izmailovo Lane   Izmailovo Lane   Izmailovo Lane

The ventilated façade of the residential cluster is cladded with three types of Porcelanosa ceramic granite tiles, which makes the building look unique and dynamic. The design was carried out by the Asadov Architectural Studio.

Placed in service in June 2016.

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