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Mangazeya Zoloto manages all Group’s exploration and gold mining licences in the Trans-Baikal Region.

The companies of the Group perform geological exploration and production at the gold ore fields located in Nerchinsko-Zavodskoy and Mogochinsky Administrative Areas (Zabaikalie Territory).

In Zabaikalie, the Group performs geological surveying, exploration and mining of gold ore and associated components at Savkinskoe deposit; and geological survey (search and appraisal) of gold, lead, zink and antimony deposits in Zolinsko-Arkiinskaya area ans Nasedkino deposit.

Total gold reserves
31.2 tons
10 tons
Savkinskoye deposit
21.2 tons
Nasedkino deposit

Savkinskoe deposit

Nasedkino deposit

Zolinsko-Arkiinskoe deposit


Mangazeya Zoloto LLC manages the following companies:

  • Mangazeya Mining LLC: Savkinskoye gold deposit
  • Koryakmining LLC: exploration and gold mining at Zolinsko-Arkiinskaya area
  • Daltsvetmet LLC: geological exploration and gold mining at Nasedkino deposit
  • Mogocha Mining Company JSC: a joint-stock company owned by Mangazeya Group (holding 75% minus 1 share) and RT Global Resources, a subsidiary of Rostec State Corporation (holding 25% plus 1 share). The company will develop the gold deposit located in Mogocha District, Zabaikalie Territory

The Group’s total gold reserves amount to 31.2 tons (10 tons at Savkinskoye deposit, 21.2 tons at Nasedkino deposit).

According to the latest exploration reports, the Group expects toincrease of C2 gold reserves by 10 tons in 2015. According to the latest exploration reports, the Group expects increase of C2 gold reserves by 10 tons in 2015. In 2015, Mangazeya Mining produced 1,054.4 kg of gold, or by 204.5% more than in 2014.

Mangazeya Zoloto LLC’s development program provides for gold production growth at the existing deposits as well as for commencing of new fields into production.

The Group’s deposits and licence areas in Zabaikalie are located close to the established transport infrastructure, including Trans-Siberian Railway, railway stations and the federal highway Chita-Khabarovsk.


Mangazeya Zoloto LLC
Deputy CEO,
Geological Exploration
Mangazeya Zoloto LLC
Executive Director
Dalsvetmet LLC
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